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Theme information Sophia Research Day 2023

Sophia Research Day 2023 - Trigger Your Talents

This year's Sophia Research Days are all about exploring your talents. This year's Sophia Research Days will revolve around the theme 'Trigger Your Talents'. By working together and sharing experiences, the greatest things are possible. In this year's programme we will bring in keynote speakers, provide workshops and most importantly: provide a platform for you to share your experiences!

Submit your abstract!

Submit your abstract! All researchers (PhD students, postdocs, research nurses, etc.) residents, and staff members affiliated with the Sophia Children's Hospital are very welcome to join the Sophia Research Day 2023 and to submit their abstracts. Abstract submission will be open from January 2023. Deadline for abstract submission will be announced.

Center Location

The Sophia Research Day 2023 will take place in Theatre Zuidplein.