Program 2019

Program Sophia Research Day 2019 (April 25, 2019)

"The Circle of Life"

Start End Activity Location
08:15 08:45 Registration and Coffee/Tea Foyer Q
08:45 09:00 Opening Ceremony
Moderators: Prof. dr. Robert Hofstra & prof. dr. Dick Tibboel
Querido room
09:00 09:45 Keynote: Inspiration and Analysis
Prof. ir. Francine Houben, Dutch architect
Querido room
09:45 10:45 Development from preconception till neonatal period
Sophia profile-area “Reproductive, fetal and neonatal medicine”
Moderator: Prof. dr. Arie Franx

Prof. dr. Arie Franx
Prof. dr. Joost Gribnau
Dr. Bas van Rijn
Prof. dr. Robert Hofstra
Dr. Alex Eggink
Pre-implantation embryo
From placental biology to placental therapy
Fetal gene therapy
Fetal surgery
Querido room
10:45 11:15 Coffee/Tea break Foyer Q
11:15 12:15 SLAM Session 1A
SLAM Session 1B
Querido room
12:15 13:00 Oral presentations of best 3 abstracts
D. Smits (Department of Clinical Genetics)
Loss of neutral sphingomyelinase-3 (SMPD4) links neurodevelopmental disorders to cell cycle and nuclear envelope anomalies

O. Abawi (Department of Pediatrics, div. of Endocrinology)
Underlying causes of obesity are frequently identified in patients visiting a specialized pediatric obesity clinic: results of a comprehensive approach

M. L. Geurtsen (The Generation R study group)
Maternal glycemia in early-pregnancy, fetal growth patterns and the risks of adverse birth outcomes
Querido room
13:00 13:45 Lunch Foyer Q
13:45 14:45 Development from neonatal period till adulthood
A new conceptual model of healthcare
Sophia profile-area “Rare diseases”
Moderator: Prof. dr. Ans van der Ploeg
Prof. dr. Ans van der Ploeg
Prof. dr. Suzanne Pasmans
Dr. Sylvia Kamphuis
Dr. Marjon Cnossen
Prof. dr. Hankje Escher
Prof. dr. Rene Wijnen
The perspective of dermatology
The perspective of rheumatology
The perspective of hematology
The perspective of gastroenterology
The perspective of pediatric surgery
Querido room
14:45 15:45 SLAM Session 2A
SLAM Session 2B
Querido room
15:45 16:10 Coffee break Querido room
16:10 16:50 Keynote: Silver and gOld
Prof. dr. Francesco Mattace Raso, professor of geriatrics Erasmus Medical Center
Querido room
16:50 17:00 Award ‘Best oral abstract’ & closing ceremony Querido room
17:10 18:45 Network event & award ‘Best SLAM session abstract’ Kunsthal Café

Morning SLAM Sessions (1A & 1B)

Start End Activity Location
11:15 12:15 SLAM Sessions 1A (7 presentations * 8 minutes)
Moderators: M. Rousian & E. Mesman

The role of child inhibitory control in the linkages between harsh parenting and child bullying involvement: A Generation R study – S.I. Hogye

Perioperative Anesthetic Management of Esophageal Atresia/Tracheo-esophageal Fistula: an analysis of 101 consecutive patients – C.E. van Hoorn

Individual and contextual determinants of vulnerability amongst parents(to-be): a systematic review – L. van der Meer

Neighbourhood deprivation and foetal growth: the Generation R stud – D.V. Gootjes

Alternative splicing of the SLCO1B1 transporter in pediatric liver – B.D. van Groen

Maternal psychological distress during pregnancy and childhood cardio-metabolic risk factors – C.C.V. Silva

Intestinal elongation and motility require the long isoform of FLNA – M.M. Alves
Querido room
11:15 12:15 SLAM Sessions 1B (7 presentations * 8 minutes)
Moderators: M.P.H. Koster & G.J. Schaaf

Maternal vomiting during early pregnancy and cardiovascular risk factors at school-age. The Generation R Study – S.D. Bahadoer

Improved HSC-LVGT for Pompe disease reduces neuroinflammation and glycogen burden in the CNS – E.C. Vlaar

PICU admission in children with severe acute asthma: a multicenter prospective study – S.A. Boeschoten

Oral amoxicillin/clavulanic acid in newborns: do we reach target levels? – F.M. Keij

Generation of an in vitro model to study Parkinson’s disease – A. Carreras Mascaro

Developmental trajectories of anxiety and depression symptoms from early to middle childhood: A population-based cohort study in the Netherlands – J.M. de Lijster

Type of culture medium is associated with preimplantation embryonic development – L. van Duijn

Afternoon SLAM Sessions (2A & 2B)

Start End Activity Location
14:45 15:45 SLAM Sessions 2A (7 presentations * 8 minutes)
Moderators: S.E. Herrman-Mous & R.B. Flint

The association between Body Mass Index (BMI) and cortical morphology in developing children – C.P.M. Steegers

Hemostatic complications in pediatric extra corporeal membrane oxygenation: the role of rotational thromboelastometry – J.G.F. Drop

Performance of age of onset of obesity as predictor of underlying genetic causes of pediatric obesity – L.A. Blankers

Second and third trimester fetal ultrasound population screening for risks of preterm birth and small-size and large-size for gestational age at birth – J.S. Erkamp

The feasibility of finger pricks in children with autism spectrum disorder and severe behavioral problems – E. van Eijk

Fibroblast growth factor 21 as a biomarker for long-term complications in organic acidemias – F. Molema

Risk factors for weight gain in youths using antipsychotics – C.C.L. van der Esch
Querido Room
14:45 15:45 SLAM Sessions 2B (7 presentations * 8 minutes)
Moderators: L.C.M. Bertens & C.A.M. Cecil

Alike? Psychological and cognitive functioning in adolescent offspring of patients with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder and controls – N. Setiaman

Objective clinical effect evaluation of doxapram therapy in preterm infants – J.A. Poppe

General and organ fat measures and respiratory outcomes at the age of 10 year – S.M. Mensink-Bout

First trimester embryonic growth trajectory differences after fresh and frozen-thawed embryo transfer – J. Hoek

Dominant negative effect of ACTG2 mutations influence TGF-beta signaling in MMIHS – Y. Zhao

On the cutting edge: nonsuicidal self-injury and its functional aspects in a cohort of adolescents from the Rotterdam-Rijnmond area – N.G.M. de Neve-Enthoven

Computer assisted diagnosis (CAD) for monitoring CF airway disease (CAD)’, the CAD-CAD project – Q.T. Lv